Top Supplements for Staying Health on Your Travels

Taking supplements during your travel

Staying fit and healthy during your travels is a must to make sure everything is going smoothly. Because once you get sick, your whole plan could be ruined and leave a bad taste on your travels. Even worse if you are traveling with someone else.

That is why you should everything to make sure that you and everyone in your group are healthy. And the best way to do that is by consuming supplements. Why supplements? Because they are easy to carry, can be consumed anytime and anywhere, and with so many options available on the market, there are supplements for anything and anyone.

Without further ado, here is the list of top supplements that you can carry with you to make sure you are in top health while traveling. Not included but key for bodybuilders is creatine monohydrate, always pack some with you as it’s easy to carry and stopping use will hurt your hard earned gains.


I have heard many complaints from travelers who have had trouble sleeping. Managing a proper sleeping schedule while traveling can really tough, especially so when your body produces little melatonin.

Melatonin is a natural hormone produced by your body that regulates sleeping cycles. The more melatonin your body produces, the easier it is for you to sleep. Lights decrease the melatonin production level in your body and are the number one enemy for a regular sleeping schedule.

Besides, jet lag can be really annoying. And a small dose of melatonin can help your body resets its internal clock and fall asleep faster.

Vitamin C

Many travelers won’t go anywhere without vitamin C. This vitamin is very useful and helps your body function better. Our bodies also cannot produce vitamin C on their own, so we have to get it from food and supplements.

Many things could happen during your travels. Let say that you can’t get enough food that is rich in vitamin C, and then your immune system is getting weaker, and you fall ill. Having vitamin C supplements can really help in situations like this, so you can enjoy your travels more.


Speaking of supplements that travelers cannot go without, probiotics are one of them. During your travels, your body (especially your guts) can and will interact with new microbes that it has never interacted with before.

By exposing your body to these microbes, your immune system will be much weaker than normal. Not only that, your appetite and sleeping pattern could be disturbed so much that you will not be able to enjoy your trip.

Consuming probiotics can help you with this problem. Probiotics can enhance your immune system and even decrease the chance of allergic reactions. If you think you’re having problems with diarrhea, probiotics can also help you with that.

Hydrochloric acid

Don’t let the name scare you. Hydrochloric acid is essentially a stomach acid, which can help to sterilize food and breaking down proteins. The result is that you can eat various kinds of food without worrying about your stomach afterward.

Hydrochloric acid is especially useful for some people who don’t produce enough stomach acid. People aged 40 and above can really use hydrochloric acid to help their bodies process food. So now you can any kind of food that you find during your travels.

Vitamin D

For travelers who care a lot for their skins during travels, don’t forget your vitamin D supplements. Don’t let the sun, pollution, sweat, smog, and the season ruin your skin. Vitamin D is also known to improve bone health, muscular function, and reduce inflammation.

With vitamin D supplements at hand, you don’t have to worry about being under the sun for hours. This is also very useful for people who have insufficient levels of vitamin D, which is a lot of people.


Last but least, is the relaxing ashwagandha. This supplement is very useful for people who get anxiety attacks or stress during their travels. Ashwagandha is a traditional Indian medicine that can help your body relaxed and calm. The way Ashwagandha works is that it reduces the blood levels of cortisol or stress hormones.

Keep yourself healthy and don’t stop traveling

All these supplements in this article are widely available everywhere, easy to carry, and they’re cheap too. There’s really no reason not to pack yourself with these awesome and helpful supplements during your travels. For more supplements that you can carry take a look at elderberry, magnesium, and Rhodiola.

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