Tips for Finding the Best Work & Life Balance While Traveling

Finding the balance between work and life

Working and traveling are two things that are my main priorities. Finding the best balance between those two have been difficult yet rewarding and fulfilling.

I want to share some of the best tips that I have learned from years of experience living as a traveler. If you love traveling and working at the same time, I hope these tips will help you enjoy both of those activities thoroughly.

Don’t over-schedule

The first thing that I have learned was to not over-schedule. Over-scheduling is bad and could make your entire trip stressful by putting too much pressure on you to follow it. I know that some people just can’t help it, they can’t go anywhere without making a plan. I was like that until I forced myself to travel without a plan.

It’s difficult, and I don’t recommend it to beginners. But depending on where you’re going, this might be much easier than you think. Without worrying too much about your schedule, you can enjoy your trips more and be more flexible with your work.

Quality accommodation is key

Some travelers focus too much on where they’re going, what to do outside, what to eat and drink, etc., and forgetting about accommodation. You should always know where to stay and the quality of the accommodation.

This is especially important for people who work while traveling. Staying in a hotel with bad services, for example, could ruin your trip since you won’t get good rest or be able to work comfortably while inside the hotel.

When choosing a hotel, pick one that let’s you do your job well and has self check-in kiosks for convenience. So you’re staying in Los Angeles? Go with a hotel that has some of the most efficient and reliable internet services in LA. This is big, having reliable high speed internet in your hotel room is a necessity that can’t be overlooked.

Make sure that the accommodation has all the amenities that you need and that it has a safe, secure, and healthy environment. Some accommodations have great a working space where you can work without getting disturbed. I always recommend accommodations that know their customers.

Vacation before a business trip

This may sound weird, but if you work while traveling only from time to time, it’s a great idea to take a vacation before your business trip. Why? Because burnout is a real problem for people who take business trips.

A business trip can be exhausting, both physically and mentally. Many people have suffered work stress during their business trips, instead of enjoying their time. A one-week vacation could help to relieve stress and prepare you for the planned business trip.

Work anywhere you go

For some people, e.g., writers, photographers, designers, etc. being able to work anywhere is a great skill to have. And it’s not as easy you would’ve thought. Sometimes it’s just not easy working outside with people walking by occasionally. But, if you can do this, you can use your travels as an inspiration and motivation boost.

Writers and photographers often use their travels to boost their creativity and to create the best products or services. Being able to enjoy your work while traveling like this will make you love both activities more.

Create a healthy routine while traveling

If you have traveled or planning to travel a lot, don’t forget to keep up with your healthy routine. Don’t be lazy and get up early to jog. Eat healthy, buy ingredients and cook your meals yourself whenever possible. Don’t travel without your supplements, and use this chance to find the best place to work.

The possibilities are endless while you’re traveling. You can find new routes for your morning jogs, new healthy foods to eat, new places to work where you can focus and be at ease. If there’s a gym available near you, use that chance to visit the gym and work out there.

I have seen many travelers gathered in a spot that people often used to do yoga before. Most of them just found the place recently while strolling around and they glad they did. Explore the location near your accommodation and see what you can find. This rule applies worldwide from New York to Qatar.

Make it fun and you can find the perfect balance

Working while traveling is a really fun thing to do. Don’t make yourself stressed over that, otherwise, it’d be a waste. These tips are generally easy to do. Some additional pieces of advice for me are: don’t be afraid of not having a plan, keep finding and doing new things, and just go with the flow.

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