Hi there! My name is Nick, 28yr old programmer/trader from you guessed it, New England. I’ve been a digital nomad for about 6 years now. Being able to work online has given me the liberty to do my second love, traveling. I also freelance as a teacher and create online courses on Finance & Trading.

I’m a couchsurfer and I love everything about it. I meet so many amazing people, mostly now I call friends. When I’m not couchsurfing, I stay on places where you use some of your skills in exchange of accommodation. When I backpacked in Southeast Asia, I taught English in exchange of accommodation. It’s a fun experience especially if you want some sort of a culture exchange thing.

I made this blog to share those travel experiences and also to give tips and guides on finance and trading. I’d love to share some stuff about staying healthy and taking care of your body overall.