Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) The Best Location Independent Career?

Career in SEO

Remote working is one of the best breakthroughs everywhere in the world in the past few years. More and more people have now realized how great it is to work from home or anywhere else. Companies are also hiring more freelancers as they have acknowledged that freelancers can get the job done and more efficiently as well.

Among many other jobs that can be done remotely, I want to focus on Search Engine Optimization or SEO. The reason is that many people have been asking a lot about what the best location independent career is. Hoping that they could join the market before it’s too late.

SEO is without a doubt one of the most reliable, flexible, and rewarding careers that are not bound by location. And in this article, I will explain to you why that is true.

You can live anywhere while working

Many types of careers require you to work on-site. You can’t work anywhere else unless your job needs you to. For some people, this is a deal-breaker as they don’t like being caged in a building or office.

Meanwhile, some other jobs can be done remotely, but still not as flexible as SEO jobs. The reason is that while doing SEO, it doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection, which is easy to set up nowadays no matter where you are.

You also don’t need an office; you can work easily with a laptop or PC, or even a phone. Time zone is trivial for people who work in SEO, as they already have flexible working hours anyway. Working in SEO is also typically not demanding, the better your skills are, the shorter your working hours will be.

Local SEO

AS you travel while working, you might come across some local companies who need SEO to enhance their businesses. This is where you come in and offer them your services. Working like this is definitely unique and requires you to be able to communicate well with the local companies.

This nice perk adds to the flexibility of working in SEO. You’re not limited to a certain location or even internet connectivity. You can interact with local companies in person or online. And I have seen many freelancers achieve success thanks to local companies where they’re staying.

You can make good money

Now I want to clarify that an SEO career isn’t one of those passion jobs that give you happiness but little to no money. You can definitely make a decent living by working in SEO.

Take people who are working in local companies, for example, it’s not uncommon for them to get salaries higher than the average people. Even more than developers, designers, and marketers. Because SEO is versatile and flexible, you can charge depending on the job and the type of task that your clients need.

Working as a freelancer or independent practitioner is even more lucrative, given that you have enough clients to sustain. Many successful freelancers are charging well over $50 an hour, and they’re getting so many jobs that they have to turn down clients sometimes.

A lot of options

Working in SEO sometimes requires you to specialize due to many available options. SEO is basically a job where you’re trying to maximize the traffic to a site by improving page ranks with various search engines. But there are plenty of ways to do that and may require several people who specialize in different things.

You can specialize in analyzing, reviewing, and implementing changes to the website, so they can get more traffic and be easily found by people. Some people specialize in creating engaging content, so visitors will enjoy their time on a website. You can also find ways to attract advertisers, buyers, certain companies, etc.

If you’re working for a company, usually there are four titles available: Intern, Executive, Specialist, Manager, and Head-Search Marketing. Of course, the higher your title is, the more money you’ll earn.

Always be prepared

Now, working in SEO requires you to be always prepared for new things, especially when working as a freelancer or digital nomad. Who knows what kind of requirements you’ll get from your clients? This is one of the biggest challenges in SEO. The whole industry is still evolving, so you must be able to adapt. And if you can do that, you can enjoy all the perks of working in SEO every day.

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