5 Best Business Bases for a Digital Nomad

A digital nomad

Being a digital nomad is the new cool thing that many people do. Even more popular with the fact that anyone with the right skills can live comfortably while traveling all over the world. If you’re one of those people who love traveling and consider being bound in a single location suffocating, then you should try being a digital nomad instead.

Now, besides having the right skills to make a living, you’ll also need to find some of the best business bases where you can work and travel at the same time. So, these bases must have decent internet access, be a great place to network and meet other digital nomads, affordable cost of living, and have some of the best places to visit according to your tastes.

In this article, I have gathered the 5 best business bases that are perfect for soon-to-be or long-time digital nomads.

1. Bangalore – India

India is without a doubt, one of the best countries for digital nomads. In the country, you’ll find many other digital nomads, affordable places to stay, great food, and great internet access. The city of Bangalore is especially great. The cost of living is very affordable, and you can find a wide variety of foods – from western to local.

India is also referred to as India’s Silicon Valley. If you absolutely love technology business and talents, then you’ll find a lot of them here. Networking is incredibly easy with many like-minded people in the city.

2. Bali – Indonesia

Your life as a digital nomad isn’t complete if you haven’t visited Bali yet. Many people consider Bali as the home base for digital nomads thanks to an affordable cost of living, great internet access, great food, and many awesome places to visit. Seriously, you can go out every day and will always find new things to see and experience.

The whole island is like a paradise to digital nomads. You’ll find many other nomads hanging out at the beaches, restaurants, or nearby hotels.

3. Berlin – Germany

If you don’t mind the higher cost of living, then you should definitely try Berlin. The whole city is beautiful and the people there are amazing. The city’s history alone could inspire digital nomads to keep creating new and interesting stuff. Yes, if you need a creative boost, Berlin could be the best solution for you.

There are so many startups in Berlin, networking with them should be easy enough. It’s a great idea to stay in Berlin and see for yourself how the city’s magic could affect your mind and mood. 3-6 months should be the ideal honeymoon phase for a digital nomad.

4. Auckland – New Zealand

New Zealand is a magical place that is invented by some fiction writers a long time ago. Well, New Zealand is real, and it is magical. In fact, New Zealand has become one of the most favorite places to visit for digital nomads. On this small island, you’ll find many famous people in the tech industry either on a vacation or working remotely.

Auckland is definitely the best city to be in New Zealand. The quality of life here is one of the best in the world. The view, the environment, the people, and everything else is specifically created for digital nomads.

5. Da Nang – Vietnam

If you ask a digital nomad about where they want to go and live their life comfortably, they will most likely say Da Nang, Vietnam. Anyone who wants to start their life as a digital nomad should take a look at Da Nang first. Why? Because this city has everything a digital nomad needs, plus an affordable cost of living.

Exploring Da Nang is also one of the best past-time activities you can have here. The city is vibrant with life and cultural immersion. And despite being as great as it is, the whole city isn’t packed with tourists. That’s right, Da Nang is still relatively underrated by tourists, providing more genuine experience and interaction with the locals.

So where do you want to go?

No matter which city or country you choose, being a digital nomad is a unique and special experience in your life that can’t be replaced with anything else. As long as you come prepared, everything should go smoothly.

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