4 Ways to Get a Great Workout Anywhere Without a Gym or Equipment

Working out without equipment

Everyone wants to be healthy and fit. But most people don’t really know how to exercise without having to go to a gym or buying a bunch of equipment. If you’re wondering whether it is possible to get fit without a gym or equipment, the answer is yes, it is very possible.

The key to getting fit is exercising regularly; It doesn’t matter where or with what. If you’re disciplined enough, I can guarantee you can do it. To help you on your quest to get fit without a gym or equipment, I have a list of ways that you can do to achieve your goals.

1. Walk and Bike as much as possible

Do you know that walking is the most underrated exercise ever? Think about it, walking costs nothing, well except a pair of sandals or shoes. Biking costs nothing as well once you’ve bought your bicycle. You can do it anytime and anywhere as well.

If you don’t have some good walking shoes or a suitable bike, it’s time to upgrade. Without a doubt, the top ways to sell your used bike is with an online marketplace as many also accept trade-ins as well. For shoes, heading to the local mall is still one of the best options.

Walking and cycling have been proven to offer many health benefits, including reducing the risk of heart diseases and stroke, high blood pressure, obesity, certain cancers, and depression and anxiety.

Many people who want to be more active are recommended to take walks or bike rides every day. By being active enough every day, your body will be more fit and ready for heavier exercises.

2. Take the stairs when possible

If your office or apartment is on the third or so floor, try to take the stairs instead of the elevator. You can also do this whenever you’re at the mall or any other buildings. You can also walk up and down the stairs in your home if possible, for more exercise.

Climbing stairs burns more calories than jogging for one minute. Now imagine if you do this plenty of times every day. So, try to take the stairs whenever possible.

3. Bodyweight exercises

For people who can do bodyweight exercises, there is no reason not to do them. Bodyweight exercises that I am talking about here are push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, squats, step-ups, and planks.

For push-ups, squats, and jumping jacks, try to do at least 10 times per day. If you can do it with no problem, try to increase it by 5 every day. If you have reached your limit – keep doing it until you can increase it by 5 again.

Planking is very simple. Lay on your stomach and lift your body by relying on your upper arms and toes. Keep your back and legs straight and hold that position for 1 minute. Doing it for 1 minute might be too difficult for most people but try to hold for as long as possible.

Doing pull-ups is a bit difficult since you need a platform to pull your body with. Sometimes parks have some pull-up bars that you can use. Otherwise, installing a pull-up bar to an entryway in your house is the best solution.

All these exercises cost nothing, don’t need a lot of space, and can be done anytime and anywhere. The benefits of these exercises are amazing: you burn many calories, get more fit, strengthen your core muscles, and many more.

4. Get creative with your household items

Your household items are free work out items if you know how to use them creatively. Your chairs for example, if they have arm handles – you can use them to do sit-ups. To do that, sit down on your chair, put your hands in front of your body and touch the seat, and lift your body up with your hands. Try to support your entire body weight with your arms. Now bend your arms to move up and down.

Any items that you can lift can be used as weights. A gallon-size of jug water, for example, should be heavy enough for most people. You can also chairs, tables, or other heavy objects.

There is always a way to exercise

Not being able to go to a gym or not owning any exercise equipment is not an excuse. There are so many ways to exercise just as explained in this article. In fact, you don’t need to go to a gym or use expensive equipment to get fit. As long as you’re disciplined and determined, you can get healthier and stronger.

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