The Winterization of CBD Oil: What Does It Mean?


An estimated 35% of American adults say that they are not familiar with CBD, which means that another 65% at least know what CBD is. However, that doesn’t mean that most of us understand how it’s made.

If we told you that CBD must go through the process of winterization, what would you have in mind? Chances are, you’re thinking about how you winterize your home by protecting your pipes and insulating your windows. What on earth is the winterization of CBD oil?

Despite its name, winterizing CBD has nothing to do with the seasons. Instead, it’s a process of purification. Want to learn more?

Keep reading to find out what we mean when we describe CBD as winterized oil.

Starting With Crude Oil

First, all of the essential components of a hemp plant are separated from the actual plant material. This is CBD crude oil.

What is the difference between CBD crude oil and what you purchase from the store? CBD crude oil contains minor cannabinoids, fats, waxes, terpenes, and lipids. During this phase, the CBD is thick and sort of resembles honey in both color and texture.

Winterization of CBD Oil

What is the winterization process? Winterization, in this context, is basically the removal of everything we listed above. How does this work?

CBD manufacturers add high-proof alcohol to the CBD crude oil and mix it together. Then, the undesirable elements coagulate, making it easy to filter them out. The process is called “winterization” because once they mix in the alcohol. they freeze the mixture, which is what spurs on that coagulation. 

(Don’t worry. The alcohol is evaporated out of your CBD products before it ever gets to you.)

Can You Purchase Crude CBD Oil That Is Safe to Use?

There are some elements of CBD crude oil that may sound appealing. For example, the presence of minor cannabinoids can change the way that CBD may affect the person using it. Can you purchase crude CBD oil that is safe to use?

The answer is yes, and what you want to look for is–wait for it–winterized crude oil. What does this mean?

It is possible to complete the winterization process without removing everything that isn’t CBD. Winterized crude oil will still get rid of some of those undesired components that might make CBD oil taste weird. Winterized crude oil has also been winterized of THC, meaning that you don’t have to worry about any psychoactive effects.

Understand How CBD Oil Is Made

CBD has blasted off, making a huge impact in the world of cannabinoid products. That said, a lot of people don’t know much about how it’s made or what the winterization of CBD oil entails. Now that you know a little more about CBD, you can make better buying decisions and get the best CBD for you.

Want to learn more about the world from someone who has seen it firsthand? Take a look around and learn something new.

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