Malibu Pedal

  • The Malibu Pedal is made for every kind of fun on the water. Its comfortable and durable seat provides an excellent position to pedal from.
  • The Pedal drive system allows you to switch from going forwards to backwards without having to shift into reverse, and the rudder makes it easy to manuver in any situation.
  • The stern tankwell serves as either a kid friendly seat or bungee-secured storage. There is dry storage under the seat and built into the pedal drive system for anything that can't get wet, and the open tankwell in the bow is a great place for a dog.
  • The Malibu Pedal comes with three cupholders and two accessory tracks to mount whatever you need.


Malibu Two

The 12 foot long Malibu Two is the most popular tandem of its size in the world. With Ocean Kayak's comfort plus seats and overlapping footwells the Malibu Two can comfortably carry one or two paddlers.


Malibu Two XL

The Malibu Two XL provides all the features of the standard Malibu Two with an added foot and a half of length and deck bungees



The compact and affordable Frenzy is a blast on flat water or in the surf. It is stable and maneuverable and features bungeed storage in the front and back


Scrambler 11

With a longer hull and a cam lock dry hatch, The Scrambler is the next step up from the Frenzy.  Its added speed and stability allow for even more fun


Venus 11

The Venus 11's low profile and seat design were made specifically for women.  It cuts through the water better than any similar kayak and the click seal hatch in the bow provides excellent dry storage



The Caper is a premier compact sea kayak. With its performance hull and click-seal bow hatch, it can handle any amount of fun


Tetra 10

With its sleek design, the Tetra 10 is made to cut through any kind of water.  The comfort hybrid seat and adjustable foot pegs mean that you'll be comfortable no matter how long you're on the water.  The click seal hatch and bungee covered well provide excellent storage as well


Tetra 12

With its longer hull, the Tetra 12 provides all the benefits of its smaller sibling, but with more speed and room for a larger paddler

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