Sit-in Kayaks


Old Town Loon Series

Coming in 106, 120 and 126 models, the Old Town Loon offers a five-star paddling experience.  The Loon combines width and a sharp keel line to offer a tough to beat blend of speed and stability.  

The cockpit features the plush ACS2 seat, adjustable foot-pegs and padded thigh braces for unmatched all-day comfort.

With an easy-to-use click-seal bulkhead in the back, the removable dashboard in the front, and additional bungee deck rigging, the Loon offers plentiful storage for any paddle.


Old Town Sorrento

The Sorrento 106 and 126 are the Loon's sleeker, faster cousins.  A few inches narrower, a few pounds lighter and featuring a drop skeg, the Sorrento

is a joy to paddle.

The Sorrento features a click seal rear bulkhead and deck rigging in the front and back for storage.  For comfort, The Sorrento features the unmatched ACS2 seat and adjustable foot-pegs.

If you're looking for a boat that is a blast to paddle but still offers plenty of comfort and dry storage, the Sorrento is the boat for you.

Drop Skeg

A drop skeg is like a retractable rudder blade that can't move side to side. When it dropped into the water, it helps the boat track in a straight line, and is especially helpful in choppy or windy conditions.


Dirigo 106 & 120

The Dirigo offers the easy paddling feel of the Loon or Sorrento at a better price. Featuring a molded, padded seat, thigh pads and adjustable foot-pegs, the Dirigo is an easy place to spend a day.  

With a cup holder and twist open dry compartment built in to the dashboard, click seal hatch in the rear, and deck rigging in front and back the Dirigo offers plenty of storage.

The Dirigo's aggresive hull shape lets you easily cut through the water without worrying about tipping.

The Vapor Series


 While the Vapor might be Old Town's entry level series, they are far from the bottom of the barrel.  Made from durable polyethylene, the Vapor can stand up to as much use as you can give it. There are three versions of the Vapor: the Vapor 10, the Vapor 10 XT and the Vapor 12 XT.


Vapor 10

This is the base version of the Vapor. It comes with an adjustable molded seat, adjustable foot-pegs and thigh pads for comfort. For storage it has a stern day well and a molded cup holder.


Vapor 10 XT

The Vapor 10 XT builds on the features of the original Vapor with added padding on the seat and a click-seal hatch in the rear, instead of the open well. Old Town also offers its full range of colors for the Vapor XT


Vapor 12 XT

The longer version of the Vapor XT provides added weight capacity and speed, while including all the features of the Vapor 10 XT

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