Old Town Castines


New for 2018, the Castine is Old Town's version of the classic day touring kayak. Featuring double bulkheads,  extensive rope and bungee deck rigging, as well as the easy to reach slide-track day storage compartment, the Castine offers all the storage you need for an all day trip. 

The entire Castine range also features Old Town's top of the line ACS2 seat, the most comfortable kayak seat you can find, and adjustable thigh braces to keep you as secure and comfortable as your gear.

The Castine comes in three models:

Castine 145


The Castine 145 is the longest of the series, which means its the fastest in a straight line but the least maneuverable.

Castine 140


The Castine 140 offers a happy medium between the speed of the 145 and the maneuverability of the 135.

Castine 135


The Castine 135 is slower than its larger siblings but the easiest to turn and to transport. This would be the preferred option for smaller customers.

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